Large Vili Fetish – Nkisi Nkondi with decorations

Product Description

Vili Nkisi Nkondi 

This Vili has a great look thanks to it’s filled hat, glass eyes, feathers, old nails, bone and double (front and back) mirrors. Seashells are used to show the wealth of the owner. 

A mirror on the back is not so common. Around the figure you will find these many attributes making it a strong fetish. (Nails). It’s patina shows age and use, and therefor also shows some age marks (missing shells on the hat etc.) This is a older piece. That has been used and powered by the village people until they had a need for money and choose to part from it. This figure was used and not made for commercial purposes. It has been ‘re-powered’ multiple times.


Height: 50.2 cm / 19.7 inches


SKU: 41655#3.