Baule Mbra / Gbekre statue

Product Description

Baule Mbra figure. 

A rare African art figure of a Baule Mbra / Gbekre figure coverd with animal skin, this making it look very realistic (like a monkey) and add’s the ‘power’ feeling immediately. Good details as lovely beads around the figure, just giving it a special feel to it. The wood feels very soft and has definitely been ‘rubbed’ a lot of times. Earrings are made from leather or something similar (gut, etc.) The hands have hole’s but it is not known what was in there.  And the collector didn’t have it either. (Probably a bowl, for this is quite common).


Age-marks are naturally visible around the Baule figure.

Height: 31 cm / 12.2 inches



Bought from a private collector

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